Charon, Ken

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Visualizing a better world, Ken Charon hopes to project positive change through the artwork he creates. Born in New York on July 26, 1954, Ken Charon called France home from 1971-1983. He studied art at the Academie Julian in Paris, as well as Switzerland and at C.C.A.C. in California. In I978, Ken went to the Seychelles, on a painting expedition. During those months, the vibrant island landscapes as well as lifestyle captured his imagination.

Since moving to Hawaii in I984 Ken Charon’s paintings have been exhibited throughout the state. He has painted murals, which can be seen at Malia Puka O Kalani Church in Hilo.

Ken enjoys working with Hawaii’s children and has done so since I986 with the Artists in the Schools program, as well as in private lessons and summer camps.

“I have done my best to use my talents as an artist to visualize a better world, in the hope that my artwork will help promote and achieve positive change. Sometimes I develop ideas in my mind over long periods of time, and other times the idea comes to me from the sub-conscience in a flash and I go with it, without asking too many questions. Sometimes my paintings express goals within my grasp and other times they seem idealistic and hard to achieve. However, I have come to understand that my art is positive visualization. It is my expression of art therapy for me, my community, and my planet.”

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