Jaworska, Renata

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Polish-born artist Renata Jaworska’s interests lie predominantly in a personal yet universal exploration of the process of enculturation and the need for harmonious coexistence with nature — deconstruction, transformation, and new growth. Former Resource Wizard and Technical Director of Middletown Art Center, Renata Jaworska has been a working artist, decorative painter, designer, muralist, functional art maker, and property renovator for over 25 years. She works primarily in metal and has exhibited her art in California and abroad.
As a Canadian American, Renata studied fine arts at the University of Toronto, and Design at Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Canada. As a recent resident of Volcano, Hawaiʻi, she is working on establishing her studio and workshop where she will further her craft.

Renata Jaworska’s work will be featured in the Niaulani’s Outdoor Sculpture Garden, “Worth of Water.”   Volcano Art Center hopes to honor the life-giving waters of the Hawaiian rainforest with this diverse collection of outdoor sculptures. Visit the Niaulani sculpture garden in person to see her work.

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