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Carter Reed

Originally from Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, Carter ran away from home over 40 years ago to attend the University and Hawai`i. His intent was to stay in Hawai`i for a couple of years and then return to Minnesota, where he could become a great and, of course, famous architect. Alas, one thing led to another, and after directing live TV shows as well as TV commercials he found himself in the advertising agency business solving clients’ problems instead of his own.

Carter is now devoting himself to woodworking full-time. He incorporates contrasting mediums in his work, as well as creating interesting color tones by utilizing contrasting wood species. Whenever possible he also includes natural-edged pieces in the work to remind us all that despite what you see at Home Depot, wood doesn’t grow in straight lines.

He now lives near the Volcano National Park on Hawai`i Island with his understanding wife, Elaine, and finds great inspiration from the surrounding nature and relaxed atmosphere of the area.

As a philosophical touchstone, Carter says, “I blatantly try to make everything I do pleasing to the eye and exciting to the touch. There is something incredibly tactile in wood that inspires me like nothing else.”

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