Honu Bangle by Thomas Eimer


Honu Bangle by Thomas Eimer

Sterling Silver

Size Options: 6 inches- 8 inches

Finding your size: measure the circumference of your wrist in inches and add half an extra inch.


Honu Bangle by Thomas Eimer

Captain Thomas Eimer, Jewelry designer, was born and raised in NYC.
He started crafting his jewelry designs in Central Park, where he was an equestrian, when not
riding horses, he would make horseshoe nail jewelry and sell to tourists on the great lawns of the
park down by 59th street.
At the young age of 19, he moved to the Caribbean where he had two careers, first as a scuba
diving instructor and then as a Tug Boat Captain.

He retired in 2012, left the Caribbean, and has been living on the Big Island of Hawaii enjoying
the beauty and inspiration.
His Jewelry Designs are a reflection of his life above and below the ocean.

Learn more about Thomas and his artistic process here.


6", 6.5", 7", 7.5", 8"

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