Voices of Hawai’i Book


A book of stories capturing Hawai`i’s diversity, complexity, and humor by Jane Marshall Goodsill

Life Stories from the Generation that Shaped
the Aloha State.

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“Even though my father and I were close, I realized after his passing that there was a lot about his life that I didn’t know, particularly his career. I decided to fill in my knowledge gaps by talking to people who knew him.

It was fulfilling to learn about him, but even more thrilling to engage with people of his generation. I was privileged to hear history from people who actually participated in the destiny of Hawai`i.

I learned about the old days, who did what during WWII, the challenges of living in a racial melting pot, issues relating to land reform, law, local art and literature, and changes in Hawai’i over time.

This book is a gift to all those who shared their hearts with me.”

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