‘Alalā, Print by Marian Berger (LEBH Series)


Dimensions Available:

12″ x 18″

9″ x 12″


‘Alalā, open edition print by Marian Berger.

This print comes from the Mea Makamea project highlighting the Living Endemic Birds of Hawai’i Series in collaboration from many individuals as well as the San Diego Zoo.  You can learn more about the project by visiting their website here, where there is a wonderful account of how the project was born and came to fruition.  This print of the original watercolor features the ‘alalā, commonly known as the Hawaiian crow.  This bird is currently extinct in the wild with only about 120 in captivity.  A release of the ‘alalā is scheduled for late 2016.

You can learn more about Marian Berger and her artistic process by visiting her bio page here.


12×18, 9×12

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