Sipapu, Sculpture by Randall Shiroma


Sipapu, sculpture by Randall Shiroma.

Made from terrazzo.

The body of work represents a connection to the Earth. The transition of rough hewn to the worked surfaces is meant as a harmonious relationship between the aspiring dream nature and the tangible physicality of earth. The sculpture is guided by simplicity. Carving has an organic quality to it. One bridges the physical response to the aesthetic purity. As the articulated emerges from the unde ned, a perspective is created that weaves between the self and landscape. There is a sense of peace and quiet that can be developed by interweaving the sculpture with the landscape. I believe if a sculpture is integrated well it does teach, o ers respite and frees the spirit.

This piece is part of our beautiful Sculpture Garden presented at Volcano Art Center’s Niaulani Campus in Volcano Village.

You can learn more about Randall and his artistic process here.

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