Froney, Ethan


Ethan Froney is an artist/ blacksmith residing in Waimea. His welding studies be- gan at the Pratt Fine Arts Center. Ethan expanded his skills while being mentored by a number of master blacksmiths. Since 1998, he has forged, fabricated and built museum quality mounts for numerous art and artifact pieces . Most of Ethan’s work is accomplished with the same tools and technologies that metalworkers have used for centuries, yet he strives to create pieces that are fresh and contemporary. The majority of his pieces are functional and decorative custom designs for single application. He has been in numerous group shows of ironwork both on the mainland and in Hawai`i. Invited to be a part of the Hawai`i Artist Collaboration since its inception in 2011, Ethan enjoys integrating a variety of materials and working with other craftsmen to produce innovative works. Currently he is the on-site blacksmith at Anna Ranch Heritage Center in Waimea.

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