Yoga with Heather Series 1

Join Heather Lewis as she guides you in further expanding your yoga practice.

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A hatha vinyasa flow, connecting breath to movement, building strength while calming mind & body

5 Videos in Heather's First Series

These classes are designed so that you can add your own music

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Topics Covered In This Class

1 Introduction & Connecting with Your Breath

Learn about linking breath to movement and arrive in a state of presence to start your practice.

2 Warming Up the Spine

Gentle movement to warm up the spine and wake up the body.

3 Hip Openers

Breathe into your hips as we focus on opening postures. Hip openers can help to release stagnant or suppressed emotions. They also teach us to surrender.

4 Warrior Flow

Flowing with breath to movement through warrior asanas (postures).

5 Standing Poses

Strengthening our focus and balance as we ground ourselves with some balancing asanas.

6 Cool Down Before Savasana

Winding down our practice as we cool down before our final Savasana.

Class Materials

1. Lesson Materials & Accessories

Students should use a yoga mat. Feel free to use props including a yoga block, straps, and/or blankets. Keep them close so they are available if/when you need them. Be mindful of where they are in your space so they do not become a tripping hazard.

Stay hydrated! If you are thirsty, have a drink of water, however, please keep in mind that you should be well hydrated before you begin your physical practice.

2. Practice

The practice of yoga is just that -- a practice! Done regularly the physical practice will create results. However, the complete practice of yoga occurs both on and off the mat. Enjoy the journey.

About Your Instructor

Heather Lewis

Heather has been teaching yoga, reiki, and meditation for over four years. Heather had been trained and certified to facilitate transformational experiences in group circles. She is dedicated to helping people reclaim their own power and magic through movement, meditation, and connecting to Earth. Heather was born and raised on the Big Island and continues to call it home. She believes that ny connecting to the body through breath and movement, we can discover deep compassion and love for ourselves and the world around us.

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