Jean, Leslie

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Understanding that “art is a lens in which to view the world,” Leslie Jean creates stone, glass and ceramic tile mosaics for homes and community projects.  Leslie has been a commercial and graphic artist for the past 30 years. Various life experiences including being a dive master aboard the dive boat MV Impossible Dream in the Bahamas, as well as working underwater construction at Dock Side Services have provided her a different perspective on life and her art.  Inspired by nature, she considers herself an earth-based artist. 

Six years ago Leslie began creating mosaics with Hawai’i artist Karin Seawater. Her mosaics can be viewed within the community alphabet project at Lincoln Park in Hilo.  Leslie also creates large format mosaic installations in private homes.  Leslie states “Everything to me to is art. From yard Art to the food on my plate, I find comfort in the lines, colors and textures.   I believe art has the power to heal the soul.” 

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