Workshop: Writing for Inner Exploration & Life Reflection



Join author Tom Peek for “Writing for Inner Exploration and Life Reflection” on Saturday, March 24 from 9:30am to 4pm in Volcano Village.

Have you ever wondered how the place you come from influenced who you are? Or what memories you carry from your ancestors? Or how your personal history impacts your view of the world? Take a day out of your busy life to explore your deeper self and ponder the life you’ve lived so far.

Big Island author Tom Peek encourages you to “Discover the magic power of writing to stimulate the creative regions of your mind and unearth your meatiest memories, highest aspirations, zaniest ideas, and most incandescent insights.”

Peek’s workshop includes fun, offbeat, and provocative “wild mind” exercises that provide participants with exploration tools to use in class and on one’s own. This workshop is perfect for journal keepers, bloggers, autobiographers, spiritual seekers, memoir and family history writers, and anyone who simply enjoys writing. No previous writing experience is necessary, just the desire to explore!

Thought-provoking exercises include topics such as: “What passions guide your life?”, “How has the place you come from influenced who you are?”, “What mottos do you live by–or wish you did?”, “What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?”, “What memories do you carry from your ancestors?”, and “If you weren’t human what would you be? A bird? A tree? Clouds? Pizza?”

Class fee is $75/$65 for VAC members.

To register, call (808) 967-8222



About Tom Peek

SmallTom Peek by Britten Traughber VAC copySince 1991, Tom Peek has taught his popular Big Island workshops, encouraging hundreds of islanders to write their own journals, family histories, stories, poems, novels, and essays. Attendees always give Peek’s workshops high marks for the practical writing tools introduced in each session as well as for encouraging a safe, friendly atmosphere for writers to come together and support one another. “I experienced a restarting of my fire for writing,” said one past participant. “This workshop will change my life,” said another.

A writer for over three decades, his work includes an award-winning novel, newspaper stories and commentaries, university publications, magazine articles, national park exhibits and award-winning video productions.

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