Workshop: Fearless Abstract Painting – RESCHEDULED TO SEPTEMBER 30



Join professional artist Samantha daSilva as she shares her unique method of painting: Rollers rather than brushes, tables instead of easels, lots of paint and water, canvas manipulation and plaster, sand and wood shavings to create ethereal textured abstracts!

Discover more in the “Fearless Abstract Painting” workshop on Saturday, August 26  Saturday, September 30 from 10am – 4pm at Volcano Art Centerʻs Ni‘aulani Campus in Volcano Village.

This workshop covers a basic overview of acrylic paints & mediums, the emotional language of color and so much more. Students will be encouraged to find and explore their own artistic style in a safe, supportive environment. Absolutely no experience is necessary.

Class fee is $90/$85 for VAC members plus a $15 supply fee. Please see the list of additional required materials below:

Student supply list:

1 Large Spray Bottle $1.00
1 Small Metal Paint Roller $6.00
2 Foam Rollers to fit metal roller $6.00
1 Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium, 8 oz $12.00
1 DAP Drydex Spackle 1/2 pt $8.00
3-5 landscape photos

Total $33.00 (plus tax)


For more information or to register call Volcano Art Center at 808-967-8222



About Samantha daSilva

Samantha daSilva is a professional artist, living and working on the Big Island of Hawaii. Born in Brazil, Samantha was influenced at an early age through her copiously artistic family. Upon graduating high school, Samantha opted out of attending art school for a career path that was “safer” and more “secure”.

Ten years and an array of tumultuously revelatory experiences led her back to her initial love: art. Intent on making up for lost time, Samantha dedicated herself full-time to creating and teaching art. Her passion for abstract painting has manifested itself through prolific expressions of art on canvas and varying media. Since ’08, Samantha’s work has been exhibited in over 100 group and solo shows across North America.

As an educator, Samantha has instructed at various public & private institutions across North America. To view Samantha’s work and find out more about her teaching philosophy, click here! 

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  1. This is good. To be honest I have no experience whatsoever in abstract painting but I’ve always had a liking for it. I’ll love to participate in the workshop and see what I can make of it. And I love that it’s quite affordable. Thanks for the opportunity.

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