Descent of the ‘Io by Gwendolyn O’Connor


Descent of the ‘Io, original watercolor on silk by Gwendolyn O’Connor

Dimensions: 35″ x 43″ framed


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Descent of the ‘Io, original watercolor on silk by Gwendolyn O’Connor

In  2018, Hawai’i endured a Cataclysmic four-month long Eruption of Kilauea’s Lower East Rift Zone. The Earth, the Ocean, & the Skies were in constant turmoil. Earthquakes shook every half- minute sending crazed rodents bolting from cover. The only Creature who seemed to prosper  in this chaos were the Hawaiian Hawks. This I’o is seen as it Descends toward it’s prey. The billowing clouds of the collapsing Haleoma’uma’u Caldera are viewed in the distance.
This Rare Original Watercolor on Silk is by the Award Winning Artist Gwendolyn O’Connor.
This dynamic Work is framed in Ethically sourced Hawaiian Koa Wood, Created for this Artwork by the Artist Myles Sumida. The Exquisitely crafted Frame recesses the Art by a black inner frame, adding extra Depth & Protection, encasing the Art in Museum Quality Ultra Violet Protectant Glaze.
The Artwork’s  distinguished Provenance is Archival mounted on the back of the Professionally sealed Painting. It consist of a unique Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the Artist, Title & Description of Artwork, & Biography of the Artist.
A unique opportunity to own an Original by the Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Artist Gwendolyn O’Connor.

Learn more about Gwendolyn and her artistic process here.

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