‘Aumakua Lehua by Brian Savage


‘Aumakua Lehua by Brian Savage

all artwork is interior, coated steel

Dimensions: 36″ x 27″ x 3″



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‘Aumakua Lehua by Brian Savage

‘Ōhi’a and Lehua were young lovers. The goddess Pele became smitten with ‘Ōhi’a, but when he said he was already taken, Pele turned him into an ‘Ōhi’a tree. The beautiful Lehua was distraught over the loss of her lover, but the forest spirits and the forest ‘aumakua took pity on poor Lehua and transformed her into a flower on the ‘Ōhi’a tree and the two lovers were united once again.

Learn more about Brian and his artist process here.

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