Imagining Backwards by Stephen Freedman


Ceramic Stoneware

25″ x 16″ x 11″


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Artists Statement:

This is a reimagining of a funary urn for two people, a ‘companion urn’. It’s incapacity to contain anything counterpoints the metaphor. The text eviscerated reads, “Remembering is imagining backwards; Imagining is remembering forwards.” By recalling the past and projecting the future, we humans have become adaptable to every ecosystem on the planet. The psychological cost of looking back is regret; the cost of looking forward is anxiety. Religion absolves us of past failures and promises us glorious futures. When Nietzsche declared God dead, he replaced an afterlife with an Eternal Recurrence — an affirmation of all things past and future as generating this moment.


About the Artist:

Stephen Freedman is a third generation potter/sculptor whose works have been exhibited and collected in galleries and museums internationally over a career spanning 50 years. His iinfluences range from Sung Dynasty pottery, to evolutionary biology, to the writings of Nietzsche. He continues to work, write and garden at his studio in Kurtistown, Hawai’i.

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