Volcano – Creation in Motion


80 pages

Photography by G. Brad Lewis, Text by Jim Kauahikaua

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11.0” x 0.50″


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Enter the realm of Pele, goddess of fire: mountainsides ablaze; fountains of incandescence; molten lakes that glow in the twilight; bubbles of lava exploding and showers of volcanic glass. Where the flow meets the ocean, pillars of acid-laden steam rise from the boiling sea.

Internationally renowned volcano photographer G. Brad Lewis offers us a panoply of sublime glimpses into the heart of creation. These images capture Pele in all her moods, a variety of splendor only a few have seen first-hand.

Volcanologist and educator Jim Kauahikaua shares his unique knowledge of both science and Hawaiian myth as he narrates these awesome events through both ancient and modern eyes. He shows us that here in Hawai‘i, science and myth are not so far apart.

From the smooth slopes of Mauna Loa to the deep, rain-sculpted valleys of Kaua‘i; from the atolls of Northwest Hawai‘i to the island Lō‘ihi: this is the story of the Hawaiian Islands, inscribed in earth, water, and fire.

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