Edible Wild Plants: A Hands-On Foray for Foragers and Foodies



Join instructor Zach Mermel of Ola Design Group on Saturday, October 29 (9am-2pm) for Edible Wild Plants: A Hands-On Foray for Foragers and Foodies” – Cost is $40 or $30 for VAC Members.

Ever hear the phrase “the world is my oyster?” Did you know that Shakespeare’s character went on to say “Which I with sword will open.” There are some individuals, who you may know, that can go outside and will never be hungry. The world is just an open cupboard (or fridge) to them!

Hawai’i’s year-round growing
season offers a wide array of wild food options for intrepid localvores. From seeds to leaves, stems to fruits: you can learn what is edible and what is not in the Edible Wild Plants workshop. In this workshop, participants will interact first-hand with many of these underappreciated edibles, during a multi-hour outing at nearby Kipuka Pua’ulu (aka Bird Park) in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is discovery only – no picking!

This is Hands-On immersion for foragers & foodies!

Class size is limited so register early.

Never eat anything from the wild without first consulting an expert! Please forage responsibly. Educate yourself, and have fun.

For more information or to register call VAC at 808-967-8222 or




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