Charon, Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Charon

Rebecca Rosen Charon has her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Moving to Hawai’i in 1996, she found inspiration and the right environment to further her art.

Rebecca has a love for color, and likes juxtaposing realism with freer, more stylized elements. She also has a passion for abstract designs in the form of patterns. These designs are a visual language similar to that of many aboriginal cultures whose way of communicating is in the form of symbols and patterns used on textiles, in tattoos, and on ceramics. In Hawai’i she has explored the Hawaiian symbols on kapa, tattoos and petroglyphs, incorporating them with her own language into her work.

Some years ago, local potter Ann Rathbun asked her to collaborate with her. “I design the piece and carve the image while using Ann’s expertise and experience to get advice on how to produce the work. She throws the pot and glazes it. The concepts themselves are the same as in all my work.”

She has been working as a freelance Graphic Designer while also continuing to produce fine art.

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