Jacobson, Kate & Will

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Kate and Will Jacobson

Collaborating artists Kate and Will Jacobson create their unique ceramic pieces from their open-air studio graced by a huge mango tree and an abundance of tropical flowers. They enjoy sweeping ocean views and the dichotomy of a natural, quiet environment counterbalanced with dramatic imagery of surf and brilliant color which is evident in their art.

Their current work is inspired by the concept of living in the center of the Pacific Rim. To them Hawai`i is a very elemental island with trembling blue horizons, slowly creeping rivers of lava, and starry night skies. There is a continual awareness and respect for the fierce power and tender fragility of life. “When you look at our art, you get a glimpse into our world filled with wonder and awe. With growing evidence of how climate change will impact island cultures, we hope to raise awareness and celebrate the beauty and strength of the ocean that surrounds, nurtures, and unites us all.”

Widely recognized as the originators of Naked Raku. This firing technique reveals the unadorned, earthly beauty of clay. Another innovative method the Jacobson’s are known for is using colored mica and terra sigilatta to achieve the shimmering luster of their ceramic surfaces. Their work has been exhibited throughout the world, won numerous awards, and is included in many corporate, private, and public collections.

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