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Cathy Shine

Photographing since 1974, Cathy has performed her own darkroom responsibilities, including film development, printing, artistic editing, and composition. Working exclusively in the medium of black and white, her efforts have achieved technical elegance demonstrating a true quality untouched by the onset of the digital age. Cathy has illustrated her mastery in RC, (Resin-Coated paper), for each finished product. The ultimate piece is a true work of art, sometimes taking 30 hours to complete.
These prints are unique, hand-prepared, and timeless. Her photographs of forgotten scenes and now historical memories depict life on the Earth’s most spectacular, aesthetic, and sacred terrain. All film and photographs produced in her inventory are hand-processed in a darkroom, hand—spotted, and constructed by individual effort. Her images are produced in the traditional concept and not digitally captured or enhanced. Completed photos are burned, dodged, and printed on RC, (now approaching extinction), which demonstrates, (since 1974), years of devotion to her craft.
Resin-coated paper is a premium quality script, with a bright-based tint. Images reflected on this product remain cool to neutral and enhances the black/white photography whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent lighting.
Cathy Shine images have been captured with a Nikon FE, (Tri-x-36), ASA 400, Mamiya C-330, (Tri-x-120), ASA 200-400, or Lecia M4, (Tri-x-36), ASA 400.
Any Cathy Shine photograph will be an appreciated museum-quality piece of art and an addition to one’s legacy collection.

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