Israel, Bea

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It was love at first brush stroke that put me on the path of discovering, studying and creating art. Nothing has changed since these early years and still there is no greater joy for me than to use traditional or very nontraditional media and tools to create paintings, collages and every now and then a sculpture.
A background of formal training and self-study gave me the tools and knowledge to bring my ideas and visions to life. I was born, raised and educated in Germany and travelled extensively throughout Europe which included pilgrimages to the great art museums and close encounters with amazing works of the old masters, which inspired and motivated me even more.
In 1998 I moved to the United States, where half of my family lived. Eventually I could not resist the call of the islands, where all the colors that I loved were so bountiful. I moved to Hawaii and now live in Puna on the Big Island, where I work from my open air studio, surrounded by tall trees and close enough to feel the rumble of the volcano.
My inspiration are the textures, colors, patterns and the movement of all of the forces of nature that are so strongly present on the Big Island. A few years ago I discovered fire as one of my favorite tools to create and so I learned pyrography or wood burning. Besides working with locally grown woods like Mango and Koa, I also use bamboo or even paper to burn images on, which are then often enhanced with color.

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