Workshop: Make Your Own Pickled Veggies & Yogurt



Join Jasmine Silverstein of HeartBeet Foods for a hands-on workshop, “Make Your Own Pickled Veggies & Yogurt,”  to learn the step-by-step process of making your own fermented vegetables and probiotic-rich yogurt on Saturday, August 18, from 10am – 1pm at Volcano Art Center Niaulani Campus in Volcano Village.

The class will  focus on lactic-acid fermentation, or fermentation by naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria. We will also discuss the health benefits of fermented foods in the diet. A variety of vegetables will be available to pickle; including cucumber, carrot, daikon, and others. The other half of the class we will learn how to make yogurt at home using dairy of choice, and we will discuss methods for dairy-free yogurt. Each student will take home their own fermented vegetables and yogurt culture!

Cost for the workshop is $55 and $50 for VAC members.

Pre-registration is required.

All supplies and Organic ingredients will be provided.
No cooking skills necessary, just an interest in real, whole food. Fermentation is an Art not a Science… It’s flexible and fun, not rigid or difficult.

For more information or to register call VAC at 808-967-8222



More About Jasmine Silverstein and HeartBeet Foods

Version 2Jasmine is a holistic chef and retreat caterer on the Big Island. She began experimenting in the world of fermentation in 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with a severe autoimmune condition. The benefits she has received from discovering and engaging in the world of microbes has proven to be invaluable. She hopes to share her experience and inspire others to cultivate their own health. Find more information about Jasmine and her services at

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