Release / Lift Off, Acrylic Painting by Ken Charon


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Release/Life Off, acrylic painting on canvas by Ken Charon.

Acrylic Paint, including Bright & Antique Gold, Cotton Canvas and an Antique Gold Frame with a contemporary museum profile.

“In my entry I have tried to offer a different perspective so as to stand out in, and broaden the overall exhibit. For the background I use a technique that I recently rediscovered from art history of swirling gold paint over a red ground to give a shimmering effect. Mauna Loa is painted with antique gold. To me it gives the overall effect of surreal sacredness, due to the somewhat alien landscape of the volcano and the rising moon The `Alala is shown, as in a dream, at the moment of release or lift off.” -Ken Charon

You can learn more about Ken Charon and his artistic process here.


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