Āholehole Giclee Print By Carol Araki Wyban


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Āholehole, giclee print by Carol Araki Wyban.

Āholehole or silver perch were craved by chiefs as a dainty.  This fish specifically from Lokoea fishpond are famous in Hale’iwa and they appear in legends and poetical sayings and local lore.  Āholehole form Lokoea are the artists’ favorite fish to eat.  She finds that the āholehole from other places are not as tasty and thus reinforcing their legendary status.  Āholehole in general were used ceremonially to ward off evil.  They were often placed in the holes for planing posts for a building.

Dimensions: Print 14″ x 11″; Framed 14.5″ x 11.5″

This giclee print is part of the collection of Fish Common to Lokoea:
All fishponds have a complex ecosystem. These are just a few of the fish grown in Lokoea. We ate heartily of all the fish, crab, and shrimp, except for ʻoʻopu, which are sacred to Volcano goddess Pele.

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.


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