Return of the ‘Alalā, Original Acrylic Painting by Jacob Medina


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Return of the ‘Alalā, original acrylic painting by Jacob Medina.

This work depicts three native species from the Big Island of Hawai’i. The Hawaiian crow, or ‘alalā, the beautiful Koa tree, and the tree’s little foe the Koa Bug. Unfortunately the ‘alalā itself is extinct in the wild and there are only about 120 left in captivity.  This piece is painted with acrylic and enamel on panel. The frame is custom made out of reclaimed Koa and is meant to reflect the native Koa tree represented in the painting.

Dimensions: 18″ x 15.5″

You can learn more about Jacob Medina and his artistic process by visiting his bio page here.


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