the fish are trapped in the auwai channel

Fish Are Trapped, Original Watercolor By Carol Araki Wyban


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Fish Are Trapped, original watercolor, colored pencil and ink on paper by Carol Araki Wyban.

Fish are caught in a matter of seconds.  Every fish is in perfect condition.  After catching fish with nets and traps, this is by far the most efficient method of harvest.  The brackish pond water is on the right.  The pristine seawater is on the left.  The fish response to seawater is immediate.  How many have fished at this very spot over centuries?  We pause to reflect.  The moment reverberates in time and gives us chicken skin.  Then we move quickly to the task of harvest and icing the fish.

Dimensions: Framed 16″ x 13″

This giclee print is part of the Fishpond Technology: From Fishing to Fishponds.
Hawaiians observed nature. They conceived of, built and operated aquaculture systems.  Ancient fishponds were in operation for centuries before Europeans came to Hawaiʻi.  Their tools were their intellect, their hands, rocks and trees. The following figures describe the basic technology of fishponds and how they took the leap from fishing to aquaculture.

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.



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