Jewelry Cabinet, by David Reisland


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Jewelry Cabinet, created by David Reisland from koa and ebony woods.  Koa wood makes up the body of the cabinet, and ebony was used for the drawer pulls.

Koa (acacia Koa) exists naturally only in Hawaii and the finest comes from the Island of Hawaii above the 3500 feet elevation. The growing conditions at this elevation are more stressful and the tree develops a great variety of color and intricacy of grain.   Koa has the weight and strength properties similar to Black Walnut, and Acacia Koa is a legally protected wood in the state of Hawaii.
The Koa wood that David Reisland uses comes from sawyers who legally harvest only trees that are dead or dying. The Koa roots are often loosened with a bulldozer and then the tree is pushed over slowly and lowered to earth. When the Koa is harvested in this manner there is no loss of wood caused by traditional logging methods. In addition, the harvesting allows the young Koa trees light and air to sprout and grow. After falling, the wood is then cut into large boards and air dried for one to two years. It is then placed in our kiln for up to another year before it is ready to be made into furniture.

David Reisland is a fifth generation woodworker.  You can learn more about him and his process by visiting his bio page here.


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