ʻAlalā with Hōʻawa


“If I had it to do all over again, perhaps I would have found a career in an environmental science of some kind. But making pottery is what really captivated me as a teenager in the 1970ʻs, in a world where many things were starting to feel out of balance. Working with earth-clay, and other physical elements – water, fire, air, wood, made sense to me and I was guided by wonderful teachers. The potters I met were good, down-to-earth people, who loved nature.
Time in Alaska taught me to live in harmony with nature, and not try to be always in control. Humankind has done so much damage to our beautiful planet, it is ironic that now so many people have to work so hard to create areas where our awe inspiring and wonderous natural biodiversity is allowed to replenish and flourish.
Keauhou Bird Conservation Center was one of the first places I visited after moving to Hawaiʻi in 1998. Good people working hard to help repair some of the damage done in the past. Their work with the ʻAlalā is inspiring. I donʻt have the skills to help in a more direct way, but I hope my pottery inspired by the ʻAlalā and other Hawaiian birds and plants will help in some small way with the effort to educate about our amazing and unique Hawaiian ecosystems.” -Emily Herb

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Mid range stoneware clay and glazes fired in propane reduction kiln by Emily Herb.


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