Meheanu, Original Color Pencil and Ink By Carol Araki Wyban


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Meheanu, original colored pencil and ink on paper by Carol Araki Wyban.

Meheanu the guardian spirit of Heʻeia fishpond in Kaneʻohe Bay on Oʻahu island has several forms. When she is home in the fishpond, she is often a moʻo, a giant lizard form and the hau trees are yellow. When the leaves are green, she is a white eel travelling at sea.  She can also be a frog.

Dimensions: Framed 30″ x 24″

This original is part of the Fishpond Legends: 
All fishponds have guardian spirits.  They are shape changers that can take multiple forms.  They are often moʻo, giant lizards. Moʻo were both benevolent and terrifying.  They did not like to see unkindness, greed or haughtiness. There are many kinds of moʻo. Fishpond moʻo were female.

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.



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