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Loko Wai, Giclee Print By Carol Araki Wyban


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Loko Wai, giclee print by Carol Araki Wyban.

Loko wai are freshwater ponds often connected to streams by a channel and dam called an auwai. The auwai controls the flow of water into and out of the pond.  Fingerlings are captured in brackish water estuaries and carried in gourds upland.  There they are acclimated to the temperature and salinity before release.

Dimensions: Print 11″ x 14″; Framed 11.5″ x 14.5″

This giclee print is part of the Fishpond Technology: From Fishing to Fishponds.
Hawaiians observed nature. They conceived of, built and operated aquaculture systems. Ancient fishponds were in operation centuries before Europeans came to Hawaiʻi.  Their tools were their intellect, their hands, rocks and trees. The following Figures describe the basic technology of Fishponds and how they took the leap from fishing to aquaculture.

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.


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Loko Wai

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