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Loko Pu’uone, Giclee Print By Carol Araki Wyban


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Loko Pu’uone giclee print by Carol Araki Wyban.

Loko Puʻuone are brackish water ponds near the shore.  These ponds were much desired by the ancient Hawaiians.  They understood that brackish water grew the sweetest fish.  Today, we understand that this is due to the mixing of waters and the penetration of sunlight that creates diatom blooms, the perfect food for fish.  Loko Pu’uone are often fed by streams and springs. These ponds are connected to the sea by auwai kai, channels to the sea.  Lokoea where the artist, Carol Araki Wyban and her family lived and worked is a Loko Pu’uone.

Dimensions: Print 11″ x 14″; Framed 11.5″ x 14.5″

To learn more about Carol and her artistic process visit her bio page here.


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Loko Pu'uone

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