Japanese Woodblock Printing at Volcano Art Center


Join us at Volcano Art Centerʻs Niaulani Campus for a Japanese Woodblock Printing workshop starting August 27th and continuing for a total of four weeks (Thursday afternoons from 1pm -3pm on 8/27, 9/3, 9/10 & 9/17).

Design, cut and print; seems simple enough. And it is! This workshop is an introduction to Mokuhanga: Traditional Japanese Woodblock Printmaking and Sensei Glenn Yamanoha will teach you how. You’ll even learn how Hokusai made his classic “Great Wave off Kanagawa”! This technique of woodblock print has inspired artists from French impressionist to modern artists.

Traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking is a relief printing technique that uses Japanese tools and natural materials. Instructor Yamanoha will introduce the basic process in four hands-on sessions. Attendees will learn the fundamental techniques of Mokuhanga such as cutting with chisels, preparing blocks and paper, registration, and printing with a baren (printing pad.)

Mokuhanga differs from western woodblock in that it is water-based printing with sumi ink, watercolor and nori (rice paste), so no toxic solvents are used; it is printed with a hand held baren rather than a press; and it employs the accurate “kento” registration method, cut directly into the block. By utilizing non-toxic, “green” materials, it readily combines traditional processes with new printing technologies.

Yamanoha studied woodblock printing in Kyoto, Japan on a Monbusho (Japan Government) scholarship between 1988-90. Glenn lives in Volcano Village and runs Volcano Gravel.

Course fee is $70 ($63 for Volcano Art Center Members.) No experience is necessary for this introductory workshop. Supplies will be provided for the first class only.

Here is what you will need for the subsequent classes:

  • Standard Quality Baren, Medium
  • 1/4″ Shina Plywood, 8×10
  • 1/4” Shina Plywood, 2×3 (2)
  • Nori, rice paste, 220 gram tube
  • Yasutomo Bokuju, (shodo ink) 2 fl oz
  • Washi: Shin-Torinoko – Cream, 12 x 15 (1)
  • Washi: Mulberry – Warm White, 12 x 15 (1)
  • carving chisels
  • misc.(from home)
    • plastic sprayer (H2O)
    • newspaper
    • cardboard (grey)
    • shelving (rubber) liner

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