Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Stenzel, Troy


Troy has lived in Hawaii since 1986 and is a farmer and a tree cutter. Growing up in the Midwest enjoying fishing, farming and hunting, Troy has a lifelong passion for the outdoors and his love of nature and sustainability is reflected in his work.

While tree cutting, Troy began to save pieces of wood that were about to be turned into sawdust by turning them into works of art. By continuing to recycle unwanted wood from local tree cutting companies, he is able to breathe new life into wood that would otherwise be
thrown into the wood chipper and lost forever.

He began putting his Easter Island inspired carvings in galleries around the island in 2005 and has branched out into making traditional Hawaiian canoe paddles and fine art boxes, along with other projects on the horizon. He works with Koa, Milo, Kiawe and a wide variety of woods which vary depending on availability.

Troy’s work celebrates the raw beauty of nature by preserving each wood piece’s natural shape, markings and imperfections and showcasing the wood’s unique character and spirit. He enjoys the entire process of woodworking and says “I like to turn each piece of wood into the art that it was meant to be.”