Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Tisha Kiku Mailelauli’i Woytenko

        Hawai‘i abstract artist, Tisha Kiku Mailelauli‘i Woytenko, grew up in the volcanically active district of Puna, on the island of Hawai‘i. Raised in a strong social and environmentally conscious culture, along with her Native Hawaiian, Cherokee and immigrant background, she learned to value, defend and protect her sacred environment, the people, and the multicultural heritage of Hawai‘i. As a youth, she served in leadership roles and learned the plight for social justice through her Hawaiian Christian church and family. Although challenging, Kiku believes essence of her voice is best translated through the diverse, modern expression of abstract art.

       From her early years at Pahoa High School, until earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in May 2015, she explored a variety of interests from the arts to leadership and human services to government. In 2010, she successfully founded a nonprofit organization called Help the Hawaii Homeless which reunited homeless men, women and children with their families in the Upper 49. She later interned for the City and County of Honolulu Office of Housing and had a brief stint as a planner for the Department of Community Services. Her first love, however, was always art.

        Kiku’s journey as a professional artist began in 2002, when she started selling handmade cards in Hilo and then to eighteen stores throughout Hawaii. She also designed and printed a line of stationery which also retailed in Hawaii stores and online in addition to designing custom stationery for her clients. Her experience in printing and using papers from all over the world lends a unique foundation to which she crafts each piece.

Today, Kiku feels blessed by Ke Akua to be able to share her voice and honor Him through her art.  She hopes that the messages and meaning you find in her art will draw you to God, inspire you to think deeply about life, those around you and your cherished environment.

Kiku resides in Puna and Honolulu, Hawaii and is a wife, and mom of two children and dog, Hoku.