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Ojiri, Reyn

My paintings are inspired by the beauty of Hawaiian flora and fauna. One of the benefits of living on Hawai`i Island is the ability to travel from mountain to ocean, and rain forest to desert with ease. My painting subjects are the result of my explorations of these diverse environments. In particular, I often find myself returning to kīpukas between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in search of native birds and plants. These pockets of lush green vegetation surrounded by rugged lava flows provide me with ample opportunities to observe and photograph my subject matter.

I use oil or acrylic paint on wood panels when painting. I begin by mixing modeling paste and acrylic paint, then applying it to the panel in thick layers using a palette knife or brush. In many cases, a few select colors are chosen and mixed at the beginning of the painting rather than mixing colors throughout. After drying, the impasto paint is sanded down to a smooth surface. This process creates interesting textures, shapes, and patterns which serve as the background for my realistic paintings. The resulting textures are random and unexpected, a welcome contrast to the detailed figures in the foreground painted in oil or acrylic.

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