Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Miller, Rosemary

Rosemary grew up in Washington D.C. and worked at the National Gallery of Art. She studied painting and art history at the American University, George Washington University and the University of Miami.

Before moving to Hawaii in 1993, she lived in Miami, Florida for 40 years, and was in Watercolor Societies, studied art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and won many awards in painting including the National Pen Woman’s award of Florida as “Best of Show”. She has worked with several interior designers on the Big Island and on Oahu and is a member of A.S.I.D. as an “Industrial Partner”.

“I have been painting all my life. I am interested in many different mediums. I began in oil painting and pastels, then went to watercolors, then went to collage using watercolors and handmade papers, then acrylics, then block prints, then mixed media, and finally I ended up working in encaustics. After about six years of living on the Island, I became very interested in the Hawaiian culture. I found a Hawaiian man, George Place, who helped me learn how to carve ohe kapala (bamboo stamps) which were what the ancient Hawaiians used to decorate their kapa. I imported my kappa cloth from Figi and Tonga, got photos of old kapa from the Bishop Museum and began designing my own kapas using the photos in the Bishop museum as a reference. I paint almost every day in my studio. I use all the methods mentioned earlier. I am very creative and I consider myself an experimental artist. I love abstract and collage but also do impressionist and also realistic work. A personal goal of mine is to make the world a better place. To show the beauty I see all around me and to share this vision with others.”