Hendrickson, Mike

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Mike Hendrickson has been producing marquetry for over twelve years. He apprenticed with S. Mark Ingram of Haiku, Maui and has assisted him in teaching marquetry classes on O`ahu and Maui. Mike lives in South Kona and now teaches his own classes on the Big Island.

Marquetry, a technique of veneering different woods to form pictorial or decorative images, was an important art form in the Renaissance. Mike has carefully chosen from a wide variety of woods—curly koa, satinwood, holly, green poplar, ebony, elm, walnut, sapele, oak, red gum, and harewood, among others—to reproduce his animals and landscapes.

Polish your marquetry work only if needed with a wax-based furniture polish. Use only a soft, tightly woven cloth. Do not use steel wool, cheese cloth, or other material that might get caught in the work.

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