Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Mary Goodrich

Goodrich, Mary

Mary Goodrich has been involved in various forms of art-making and photography for as long as she can remember. From her early pen and ink drawings to all kinds of photographic explorations, her focus and working process has been about giving attention to things she observes in the natural world. Writing about her artwork deepens her understanding and enjoyment of it.

“I learned photography on my own, plus a little help from my friends. I don’t spend much time thinking about rules and mechanics of the camera. If it looks good and feels good, I release the shutter.”

“Walking the Footprints Trail, I am struck by the beauty created by time, weather and volcanic events. Fragile abstractions of bleached wood pieces, twisted pahoehoe mounds, and ash speak to centuries of wind, rain, and volcanic events. The jagged outlines of footprints preserved in volcanic ash are silent evidence of the people who once lived here. Seeing this place I think on the forces that made it look this way and I wonder what it was like before”

Mary lives and works in Volcano Village with her husband, Ken. Together they offer photography tours and workshops.