Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Stanton, Margaret Peggy

Margaret has immersed herself in the natural beauty and history of Hawai`i Island. During the 20 years that Margaret has lived in the Puna Rain Forest, she created colorful acrylic paintings that reflect the dynamic natural forces at work near Hawai`i’s active volcanoes. She blends expressive brush strokes and vibrant colors to create bright, sunny Hawai`i Island Seascapes and Rain Forest Paintings.
Margaret Stanton produced a 9′ x 36’ mural for Hilo Hospital plus two huge outdoor murals in Honoka’a, depicting the cultural heritage of Waipio Valley and sugar plantation workers. She won a People’s Choice Award one year at the Wailoa Center and has exhibited in countless local juried shows. Her paintings and murals throughout Hawaii are in homes, businesses, restaurants, vacation rentals, polo clubs, towns, hospitals and even airports, when she produced murals for the Honolulu International Airport through art consultants in San Diego in 1987 before moving to Hawai`i.
Margaret Stanton’s art is currently selling in the Dreams of Paradise Gallery on the Hilo Bayfront & Volcano Art Center’s Rainforest Gallery at Niaulani. To also understand her broad market appeal, one can look at the nearly $10,000 in internet sales through HawaiiArt.com, making Margaret Stanton one of their highest grossing painters. July 18, 2012, Margaret Stanton’s art was featured in a solo exhibition at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel Wine Tasting Event, to benefit the Hilo Bay Clinic.

“I really enjoy Stanton’s visceral, landscape based paintings. Each piece conveys a sense of endless wonder and imagination.” – (NY Artmagazine contributor)
“Her stylistic approach reminds me of reflections, memories and dreams combined with reality. I find these works to be thoughtful and moving.” – (Paula Paul, Author)
“Using an amazing array of colors, shadows and contrasts her light-filled paintings express a range of emotion that stimulate the eye and the mind.” – (Mark Jarmie, ArtCollector)