Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Moses, Laura

Laura moved here permanently in 2001. Self-taught, her early influences were the textiles and scents of Hawaii. Her work is basically fabric collage. Large and small textile potpourri scented wall hanging cards are created by sewing layers of fabrics which feature a central tropical theme. They are stuffed with a natural (usually tropical) scent, then finished off with one or two embellishments and attached to fine quality card stock, including a bow and loop for hanging, if desired. They can be used as wall hangings, gift-in-a-card mailers, or drawer sachets. Textile collage wall hangings are created by sewing new, vintage and recycled fabrics, embellishing with whimsical objects, and are attached to a bamboo dowel cut from the rain forest at her home near Kilauea. Each is an original.

“I delight in the inspiration I find in the colors, textiles, fragrances and children (my initial catalyst for this work) of Hawaii. This continues. Its importance lies in how it speaks and the enjoyment it gives to those who bring it into their homes or honor a special person with it as a gift. It’s distinctive since each product is unique and one-of-a-kind. I achieve great delight in thinking about my products being given homes all over the world.”

Basic maintenance: Avoid getting it wet. Over time, fabric hung in direct sunlight over long periods can fade. The scents of the cards last 6-9 months; lavender scent lasts indefinitely. Try not to bend the comers of the cards, since weight on the card stock can cause corners to be more vulnerable.