Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Stebbins, Kane

Kane Stebbins has been blowing, sculpting and shaping glass since 1997. After completing a two year apprenticeship with glass blower, Jason Pfohl, in 1999 he continued his study of the glass medium by attending several workshops with “Glassmasters” Sally Prasch, Roger Pairamore, and Brian Kirkvliet.

Stebbins began producing high fashion jewelry for New York designer Colette Malouf over 15 years ago. Today he creates exquisite jewelry designs through a caining process where rods of glass are fused together creating an image then stretched and cut in segments. These individual segments are then fused together on pendants or earrings. His most popular designs today represent underwater reef scenes or honu (sea turtle) on the beach.

After jumping back and forth from New England to Maui many years, he and his family made the permanent move to the Big Island of Hawaii. Here the raw, natural beauty of the islands has been an unending source of creative inspiration for Stebbins and his art.

Please enjoy these finely crafted, unique works of art.