Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Yim, Jody (Specialty Papers)

Specialty Papers reflect the essence of Hawai’i in handmade papers. Our unique papers are created in Hawai’i by combining recycled everyday paper and locally-found elements. The sheets are naturally dried in the Hawaiian sun, then fashioned into notecards, photo albums, journals & guestbooks, picture frames, bookmarks, desktop items, and gift enclosures.
Further individuality is obtained through the addition of Hawaiian motifs inspired by traditional and contemporary icons. Each design has its own “story”, included with most of our products, providing insight into the background of our designs.
Custom design and product development are available. Most of our products can be modified to reflect your store or hotel logo as part of a private labeling program. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.
Our clients cater to the local, overseas and domestic visitor; hospitality/specialty goods; and conventional incentive markets. We are blessed with a product which appears to have widespread appeal and universal acceptance. Our wholesale pricing allows retailers to “keystone” most items, while remaining competitive and attractive to the consumer who appreciates a high-quality, consistent handcrafted product.
All non-customized Specialty Papers products are returnable. If, for any reason, you would like to exchange or return a product, please send it back to us.
Our goal is to continually review and improve. Design, product and process improvements over the years have helped us keep our clients happy while continuing to grow.
We encourage you to challenge us; some of our designs and products were inspired by our clients. Mahalo for your interest in our product and for including Specialty Papers among your made in Hawai’i products.