Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Lovell, James Jr.

James Lovell, whose mother is the granddaughter of Colonel Richardson of Queen Liliu‘okalani’s court, describes himself as “hapa haole” (part white, part Hawaiian). He is a graduate of Punahou High School and the University of Hawai`i on O`ahu and is a former police officer, certified public accountant, real estate broker, and corporate officer.

“If there are no cracks, knots, spalting (rot) or other ‘defects’ in my work, I apologize. I try to find the most natural wood I can. Nature makes a perfect product. Why should I try to straighten the bends, fill the cracks or add artificial color?”

Care Instructions: Your ikebana stand should be kept out of direct sunlight and not submerged in water. It has been finished with a soft lacquer finish (Delft®). It can be waxed with a floor-type paste wax of beeswax or carnauba. Do not use “Pledge®” or other products that contain petroleum ingredients. It is recommended that you use purified water in the kenzan (pin frog).