Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Lambert, Jeka

To Jeka beading is a spiritual practice. The process of stitching each tiny bead is itself a form of meditation. She approaches her work very intuitively. Starting with an idea, Jeka makes some of the component pieces she thinks are needed to execute that idea. She plays with the pieces as she goes, arranging and rearranging, adding new things, taking others away until the pieces evolves into its final form. Jeka is open to surprises along the way and often experiences a complete change of direction as she works.

“Beadwork is a metaphor. The practice of stitching each tiny bead into place is very much like life itself. Sometimes things flow, sometimes they’re difficult. Sometimes we can’t see the road ahead, but we keep going anyway. We add things and take others away. If we stick with those tiny steps opening ourselves to the process, we can accomplish the undreamed of. We’re all guided on our path, often in ways unseen. To me, my jewelry is an expression of the divine creative forces that mysteriously guide me and flow through me, a communion of sorts, a prayer made manifest.”

Almost every piece of jewelry Jeka makes is one of a kind. She occasionally repeats earrings, but never necklaces or bracelets. She employs meticulous construction techniques that reinforce connections and stress points. This additional care is very time consuming but results in jewelry that will become heirlooms for future generations.

Jeka has been beading professionally since 2001. Her work has been shown in international juried exhibitions, including the inaugural exhibit at the Bead Museum in Washington, DC and the Wearable Expressions show at the Palos Verdes Art Center. Her work has appeared in a number of books and magazines, including Bead & Button magazine.