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Bianchini, Henry

Henry Bianchini

In 1965, Henry Bianchini built a 30-foot trimaran. In 1969, he and his wife Dianne sailed it to Hawai‘i and saw the Mauna Ulu eruption from many miles at sea. The Big Island has been their home ever since, and still holds much magic for Henry.

Henry has been evolving as an artist for 25 years, first as a wood carver, then as a metal sculptor and, in recent years, as a print and paper maker. Although Francis Eubank, a California painter and musician, was a major mentor for him and Alf Peterson taught him many foundry techniques, Henry is largely self-taught and tends to stay with the classical methods like the ancient art of lost wax casting.

Every year since 1972, Henry’s work has appeared in at least one major juried show, and he has had many one-man shows, including one at Volcano Art Center Gallery in 2005. The bronze statue of King David Kaläkaua in Kaläkaua Park in Hilo, “Ho‘okamalani” at Kaiser Permanente Hospital on O‘ahu, and “The Dance” at the Grand Wailea Resort on Maui are just some of the commissions he has been awarded.

Henry states, “I want to express truth. I am in constant search of simpler means to do that. I strive to portray a joyful and humorous outlook on life and human activities.”