Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Furchgott, Eve

Eve has been living in East Hawaii since 1993. A self-taught printmaker with a strong graphics background, Eve is also an oil painter. She works as an illustrator and designer for her own business, Blue Heron Multimedia. She has won awards in various categories in many local juried shows.
A block print may take her 10 to 25 hours to conceptualize and carve the blocks. “I am less an imaginer than an observer; what moves me is usually something in my immediate environment: animals (most often), plants and landscape, people.” Many of her prints have multiple colors, each requiring a separate block, each color pressing requiring a week in between to dry.
A monoprint can happen relatively quickly, sometimes in just one session. The single (mono) paper is hinged to the plexiglass plate, so the registration stays fixed, allowing her to return to it as many times as she wants, adding to what has already been printed.
Oil paintings take anywhere from 15 to 60 hours to complete.
“I do art mostly because it is ultimately very satisfying. It’s also always a challenge, often very difficult but also at times ecstatic. What I like in printmaking is that it forces me to simplify. My goal in general, in art, is to do more of it.”
Prints are best kept out of direct sunlight. Archival mattes are best. Framed pieces do well if occasionally opened up and cleaned, mattes replaced if needed.