Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Carney, Eric

Eric was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1969 and moved to Iowa as a child. He began writing poetry and making sculptures in the third grade. In high school, Eric won the National Scholastic gold medal in photography.

In 1992, Eric moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he worked at the Shidoni (a Navajo word for greeting a friend) Foundry in Tesuque, becoming supervisor of the wax department after two years. Shidoni is one of the country’s foremost foundries of fine art cast bronze and aluminum sculpture, with over 500 artists as clients. Eric worked with highly talented, skilled and respected sculptors during his time there. He also apprenticed with one of the founders of the African Shona Store Sculpture Movement, Bernard Takawira.

Eric lives in the Puna District of Hawai’i Island and has one of the few foundries on the island. Over the years, Eric’s work has been shown in museums, galleries and festivals on the U.S. mainland and in Hawai’i.