Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Smith, Arenzo R. Jr.

Arenzo has been a Big Island resident since 1991, moving here from Los Angeles, California. He was educated at The Philadelphia Museum College of Art from 1957 to 1962, where his major course of study was Interior Design, which included architectural concept and fabric design. He credits his grandmother as his first art teacher, “she taught me how to draw a fish – on a brown paper bag.”
With nature as his source of inspiration, he has developed a series of miniatures using colored pencils, acrylics, and ink. He also enjoys lino-block printing and printing on pima cotton and wood.

Framed pieces require the same basic care and consideration in maintaining artwork in general – avoid direct sun, consider moisture conditions, dust and clean glass.

“To create with the purpose of relating to “patrons” with interests ranging from casual viewer to one seeking knowledge thereof via visual creative means. I strive to create art that speaks to and can be applied or suited for a space on the wall, held in the hand for close contact, or a total environment (my interior design influence). Since I present my work to the viewer – I’ve always felt strongly about titles for artwork – it’s like the smile and/ or welcome in greeting one for the first time.”