Volcano Art Center Featured Artists

Amanda Hicks (Lama Designs)

Raj and Amma create Hawaiian wood jewelry at their art studio in Puna, Hawaii. Raj has been practicing the woodworking art since 1994, and Amma has been making silver jewelry since 2005. In 2011, Raj and Amma began to collaborate their knowledge and artistic vision of wood, silver, and stones. Their main inspiration comes from select wood pieces that contain exotic figures in Hawaii’s finest hardwoods such as Koa, Mango, Lama and Iron wood. Along with the unique figure and story of each piece of wood and Amma’s mastery of silver and knowledge of the medicinal qualities of semiprecious and precious stones, they create acclaimed jewelry that is sold and cherished all over the world. Lama Designs has been sold in different galleries and markets on the Big Island, Hawaii.